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Tredis Tea Room Kodaikanal - Tea And Awesome Food

Tredis Tea Room

Tredis Tea Room was a rather surprising find in Kodaikanal. We thought it will be just a nice place to have tea. But turns out they have amazing food too.


Tredis Tea Room has an authentic Eurpean cuisine. Modern Kodaikanal was established by American Christian missionaries and British bureaucrats in 1845 and hence the locals here are very proficient in cooking Continental food. 

Tredis Tea Room

Tredis Tea Room is located on the Kodaikanal Lake Road . Its easy to spot if you take a walk/cycle around the lake. Despite the name this place serves more than just Tea and has a very good lunch/dinner menu. 


Pasta At Tredis Tea Room

Steak At Tredis Tea Room
Beef Steak

We ordered a Pasta and a Beef Steak. They were quite tasty and filling. Despite the amount of cycling and walking we had done around the Kodaikanal lake the food was enough to satisfy our hunger. 


Antique Lamp In Tredis Tea Room

Beautiful Lamp In Tredis Tea Room

Bon Fire Tredis Tea Room
Bon Fire

Inside Tredis Tea Room

Sign Tredis Tea Room

Tables At Tredis Tea Room

Tredis Tea Room Reception

The ambience is the best thing that Tredis Tea Room has to offer. The restaurant itself is spacious and is decorated with quite a few lamps and colourful vases. There is a huge garden outside with very aesthetic looking seating arrangements. We had been here for lunch and couldn't really enjoy the outdoor seating as much as we wanted. But the amazing weather of Kodaikanal would be the perfect combination with the outdoor seating of Tredis Tea Room. 


Notice Board Tredis Tea Room
Racist Sexists and Homophobes will not be entertained

The Service was one of the best I have seen. We were told a lot about the place. This place is owned by the descendants of an erstwhile king. They have a couple of cottages too.


The price was reasonable.


View From Tredis Tea Room
City View

Cottages Behind Tredis Tea Room

Golden Retriever Tredis Tea Room
Golden Retriever

Rottweiler Tredis Tea Room

The cottages are located right beside the restaurant and we took the liberty to have a look around. There were two dogs there who were quite excited to have visitors. The view of the city was quite spectacular from there. The cottages are for an entire family and turns out too costly unless your group has 4. 


Tredis Tea Room - Tea And Awesome Food
A Must Visit Place In Kodaikanal
Rating: 4
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu India 
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  1. We had good continental food there, a couple of years back. The beef steaks were mouth watering!!


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