Friday, June 20, 2014

Koshy's - A Flash From The Past



Koshy's has a menu that is extensive and historically was much larger. They have continental, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and beverages. Despite having such an extensive menu most people stick to continental and South Indian Items.


The Restaurant is located on St. Marks Road, very close to Hard Rock Cafe. This place has a historical significance to Bangalore. Quite a few well known personalities like Jawaharlal Nehru, Nikita Khrushchev, Queen Elizabeth II have dined here. There is no parking available near the restaurant. Depending on the time you go, be prepared to hunt for a spot. 

As the non AC section is as such non-AC it would be prudent to avoid it during summer afternoons. 


Cold Coffee Koshy's Review

Iced Tea Koshy's Review

Smiles Koshy's Review

Spanish Omellette Koshy's Review

Ham Sandwich Koshy's Review

Caramel Custard Koshy's Review

Ice Cream Koshy's Review

We ordered Smiles after reading reviews, Cold Coffee, Iced Tea, Spanish Omelette and Ham Sandwich. Ended it with Caramel Custard and Ice Cream. The food in general was good but does not quite meet the hype that surrounds this place. The Smiles that have such good reviews are nothing but McCain Smiles. The Cold Coffee is literally Normal Coffee that has been chilled. The Iced Tea was very very strong in both Tea and Lemon, something I personally like but others may not have the same tastes. The Spanish Omelette is a safe bet and was pretty good. The Ham Sandwich was simple and good. The Custard and Ice Cream were good too. 


The Ambiance is probably the only reason anyone might want to go here. The place has a very vintage décor and looks like a place forgotten by time. The restaurant is very old and has maintained the same feeling till date. 


While we were lucky with the waiter we got, other reviews usually say they aren't good. While all the waiters were extremely busy and it was quite difficult to get their attention, our waiter was always polite to us in whatever little attention he could give us. This must be kept in mind while visiting the place. Do not have too much expectations even in odd hours. 


The price simply did not justify the food. But then I guess we were paying for the décor and the history of the place. 


Koshy's - A Flash From The Past
Ambiance Like No Other
Rating: 3
St. Marks Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 India 
Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .

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