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Hotel Sunrise Kodaikanal - Best Sunrise In Kodaikanal

Hotel Sunrise


Kodaikanal or Kodai is one of the best hill stations in India. The name means "Gift of the Forest" in Tamil and is also known as the Princess of Hill Stations. Kodaikanal was mostly a jungle occupied by the Palaiyar tribal people before the British decided to develop it as a get away from the high temperatures of the plains. This happened long back in the 1800s. Today there are a lot of Indians living there and you can always find a number of Westerners, some tourists and some residents. 

In line with the history of Kodaikanal most of the Restaurants serve European Cuisine but there are restaurants serving the local Tamil Nadu Cuisine, which might be hard to find. 

At about 7,200 feet above sea level kodai has a cool climate throughout the year and is a very popular destination during the summers.

Hotel Sunrise

Sun Shine Restaurant In Hotel Sunrise

Outside Hotel Sunrise

 The hotel is very close to the main bus stand in kodaikanal. It is ideally walk able from the bus stop unless you have a lot of luggage. Local travel agents keep pestering to hire cars and its better to stay away from them and contact the drivers directly. 

The Rooms

Rooms In Hotel Sunrise

Balcony In Hotel Sunrise

We stayed in the Royal Deluxe Room and the room was quite good. The bathroom was clean and hot water was available 24/7. The balcony was quite big and you could sit there sipping a cup of coffee/tea in the cold climate of kodaikanal. The bed was quite comfortable and clean. While the rates are given in the hotel's website, it is always better to check out and other sites for discounts. 


The hotel had a good service but they were certainly very slow. We had to call and remind them for simple things like drinking water. Room cleaning service was good and prompt. Orders from the restuarant suffered the same problem of being delayed. I would suggest to remind every 10 mins as a rule. This is something they can improve on greatly.


While the hotel is among one of the budget hotels in Kodaikanal, it might be prudent to check out offers in sites like etc. The prices vary a lot from the ones mentioned in the website.


View From Hotel Sunrise Kodaikanal

Just Before Sunrise In Hotel Sunrise

Despite being very close to the centre of the city the hotel has a view of the mountains as it is situated on a hill.


Watching The Sunrise From Hotel Sunrise

While there are a huge number of hotels in Kodaikanal to serve the millions of tourist that visit every year, hotel sunrise was my choice for the most lazy reasons in the world. I could watch the sunrise from the room. Kodaikanal is pretty cold during the early mornings and there is nothing better than watching the sunrise from your warm bed sipping a cup of tea/coffee. 

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Hotel Sunrise - Best Sunrise In Kodaikanal
Good View But Average Otherwise
Rating: 3
Kodaikanal, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu 624101 India 
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