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Gregor The Overlander By Suzanne Collins - Surprisingly Good

Gregor The Overlander Suzanne Collins Book Report Review

Gregor The Overlander By Suzanne Collins is the first book of the Underland Chronicles. The other books in the series are Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, Gregor and the Marks of Secret, Gregor and the Marks of Secret.

Book Report 

Gregor goes down an air chute behind his sister Boots and reaches the Under land which is a mysterious place. 

He soon realizes that the under land has many creatures that could kill him and even the journey itself would have killed him, but he was lucky. And then he starts a quest with the people of the under land that changes his life.

I wouldn't usually touch a book that is meant for teens but after reading Hunger Games it seemed like a safe bet. 

This is certainly not the genre I would ideally read and it seemed unusual that I liked the book almost till the end, but that was only because the book doesn't have a complicated story line. It's more like a fairy tale. But the story is quite fascinating for most of it. 

I think this concept can be expanded to novels for adults and would do pretty well. Something like the journey to the centre of the earth. 


Gregor - 11 year old boy from New York. He certainly shows bravery and resourcefulness throughout the book.
Boots - Gregors 2 year old sister. She obviously doesn't do anything with specific intentions. But her childish plays make her a favourite of almost everyone. 
Luxa - Queen of the Under land. She is quite a warrior but finally her emotions betray her.
Vikus - The Grandfather of Luxa. He takes very calculated steps and is extremely wise. 

Book Review - Spoiler Alert!!!

The first thing Gregor encounters are giant cockroaches and they talked back to him and called him over lander. Regalia is a beautiful city with high buildings and torches to light the paths. Gregor clearly should have first enquired about the dangers that are there in the under land before trying to escape. 

It's clear that rats want to eat humans. Gregor was quite lucky that the under landers managed to reach in time. The rats hatred for the humans seems rather puzzling. The prophecy seems to be getting fulfilled bit by bit  but it is filled with deaths and an unsure ending. 

The "questers" as Gregor put it keep. reducing in number as they continue. They find Gregors dad rather easily but the condition in which he is really bad What a surprise that Henry is a spy. The entire prophecy was based on Gregor trying to sacrifice his life and Ares saved him from the fall. 

When it seemed like though the prophecy was fulfilled they still might die as they did not know which direction to fly to. Gregors dad and boots fever vanished and his dad showed them the way by creating a compass using a needle. 

The vote to banish Ares was pretty dumb and Gregor paired with Ares to prove his point but im not sure how that will turn out when he goes back. 

The trip back is rather simple and short. Ends like a fairy tale. 

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Gregor The Overlander - Book Report and Review
Surprisingly Good
Rating: 3
Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .

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