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Blossom Book House - Ocean Of Books

Blossom Book House Review

Blossom Book House or simply Blossoms is one of the most well known places in Bangalore. It features in most of the must visit lists for Bangalore. And it certainly deserves that place. In essence its four floors filled with books of at least a dozen categories. It is located on church street and is quite easy to find. The place is literally over flowing with books and its not uncommon to find heaps of books kept in the alley simply because the shelves are full. 

Books At Blossom Book House Review

Overflowing Books Blossom Book House Review

Stairs Blossom Book House Review

India Old Newspaper Blossom Book House Review

The walls are usually filled with posters of plays and events and in one of the places clippings of old newspapers. 

The Variety!!

Enid Blyton Blossom Book House Review

Let Us C Blossom Book House Review

Manga At Blossom Book House Review

Tinkle At Blossom Book House Review

The range of books available here is unbelievable. It was quite nostalgic to see Enid Blyton books that I had read when I was in school, and repulsive to see books like "Let Us C". There were comics too from Tinkle to Archies. But what surprised me most was the Manga Books, that's something I did not know was available in Bangalore anywhere!

Books I Found

The Fault In Our Stars Blossom Book House Review

Midnight Boy At Blossom Book House Review

Browsing through books at a book store is in my opinion not the best way to find books. I believe in research on the internet and going to a store to buy the book. But stumbling upon a good book in a store or buying a book as per the book stores suggestion is something I do not mind once in a while. I found copies of the Best Seller - The Fault In Our Stars, the movie of which is releasing soon in India. 

I saw the book Midnight Boy and the cover appealed to me. I like books that are mysterious and evil. Muhahahaha. However I couldn't be sure if it was good but after a bit of research it turns out that it has got pretty good ratings on I guess I'll have to get it soon. 

Blossom Book House - Ocean Of Books
A Must Visit Place In Bangalore
Rating: 4.5
Church Street, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 India 
Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .

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