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Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal - Amazingly Tasty Authentic Local Food

Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal being a popular tourism hub has a number of restaurants that serve Continental and North Indian Food. There is also Astoria veg which serves vegetarian food. However if you want to get a taste of the real local food, Ammu restaurant is the place to be. The cuisine is basically the Tamil Cuisine which uses an immense array of spices to blend flavours that are totally divine. 

Ammu Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the P.T Road in Kodaikanal and is quite easily spotted. Ideally we wouldn't go here as it doesn't look like tourists are their main target audience. However we were looking for a place to have breakfast pretty early in the morning and most of the fancy cafes and restaurants only open later in the day. This was an unexpectedly marvellous find. There wasn't much on the menu, and I supposed it'll be true for lunch and dinner too. The place is basically an extension of the house and the food is the best home cooked local food money can buy.


Dosa Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal
Dosa Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal

Idly Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal
Idly Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal

Idly Sambhar Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal
Idly Sambhar Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal

Spicy Chutney Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal
Spicy Chutney Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal

Coffee Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal
Coffee Ammu Restaurant Kodaikanal

We ordered Idly - A savoury rice and lentil cake, Plain Dosa - A fermented pan cake with Sambhar  - Lentil Stew and coffee. They additionally served a tomato chutney.

The first thing we noticed was how soft the Idly was. It was served hot and tasted heavenly with the sambhar. Then came the surprise of the day. The tomato chutney was a taste like no other. It was one of the best south indian meal I have had. And to think of it , it was just breakfast.

The coffee was pretty good too.


There is absolutely no ambience or even an attempt at it. It is totally a local place and in fact you can see the kitchen and a bit of the house from the restaurant. I wouldn't bother much about ambience here though. This is a place to have home made food.


Though the people here were obviously not trained for customer service, by their very friendly nature they did better than most restaurants. They were extremely polite and were doing their best to make us comfortable.


We had so much food that we actually felt we may have to delay our plans for lunch. And the bill was a measly Rs 70 per person.


Ammu Restaurant - Amazingly Tasty Authentic Local Food
A Must Visit for Local Tastes in Kodaikanal
Rating: 4
P.T Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101 India 
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