Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pot Luck Cafe In Kodaikanal

Pot Luck Cafe

Pot Luck Cafe is a rather small and cozy place in Kodaikanal. Its got a very limited number of seating and a rather unique self service. You actually write your order on a small white board and pass it to the lady behind the counter. The place is usually "crowded" because there are exactly 3 tables there. I would suggest go at odd hours and when you have plenty of time.

In Kodaikanal, if the amazing climate is not good enough to get you close to your loved one. The food here will surely do the trick as there is hardly any place to go!

The Potter's Shed is right beside the cafe and the food was served on plates and mugs from there. They look works of art rather than any kitchen ware. 

Pot Luck Sandwich

Pot Luck Tea Coffee

The Food was really good. It isn't the usual Indian version of European food we get at most places. A lot of interesting people visit the Cafe and its a nice place to sit and watch the local people go about their business while sipping your cup of tea/coffee.

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