Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kiki's In Kodaikanal

Kiki's Cheese

We had heard that there is a cheese factory somewhere in Kodaikanal. However we couldn't find directions for it anywhere. However I was quite interested in buying a bit of cheese from some shop in the town. It was quite surprising that there were no shops selling cheese. A huge number of shops sell chocolates. Luckily we found one shop that sells cheese. It's named Kiki's, located at the center of the town and is actually a book/stationary shop which also sells cheese. Its located right below The Ice Skating Cafe and we stumbled upon this place while we were trying to get to the Ice Skating Cafe. 

 Kiki's Cheese Cheddar

 Kiki's Cheese Edam

Kiki's Cheese Parmesan

Kiki's Cheese Owner

They had a variety of cheese like Gouda, Feta, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, Edam etc. And they were all from the same cheese factory we had been searching for. The Owners were quite sweet and told us about the cheese factory and suggested us some cheese and also a couple of recipes to use them in. They do set new standards in Customer Satisfaction and Hospitality with an extremely personal touch. 

Kiki's Cheese Feta

Kiki's Cheese Gouda

The Cheese was absolutely delicious. This is certainly a place to visit if you want to quickly top up on your cheese luggage. The owners informed us that they courier large quantities of cheese to cities. If you are interested you can give them a call.

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