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Kaayal - A Kerala Cuisine Restaurant

Kerala Cuisine

Kerala cuisine is certainly one of my favourites. Its quite unique and interesting with distinctive foods such as Appam - a South Indian Pancake, Idiyappam or String Hoppers, Kerala Parotta - a layered flat bread, Puttu - cylinders of ground rice, and unique preparations of fish,chicken,mutton,mussels and prawns. Bangalore has a sizeable Keralite population, and Kaayal is one of the places where they can have a bellyful of food to satisfy their hunger for home food. It also is a place where foodies like me can enjoy a different taste than the mundane food at home.


Appam In Kaayal Bangalore

Appam In Kaayal Bangalore

Chicken Curry Or Kozhi Kurma In Kayal Bangalore

Chicken Curry Or Kozhi Kurma In Kayal Bangalore

Mackerel Ayila Fry In Kayal Bangalore

Mackerel Ayila Fry In Kayal Bangalore

Pink Perch Or Kilimeen Fry In Kayal Bangalore

Pink Perch Or Kilimeen Fry In Kayal Bangalore

Kaayal is located in a couple of places in Bangalore. We went to the one in Kundalahalli, AECS Layout. The other one is near Indiranagar. They have an underground parking but no valet.


We ordered Appam, Kozhi Kurma (Chicken Curry) and Ayila (Mackerel) Fry. They had a single Mackerel left so on their suggestion we got another Kilimeen (Pink Perch) Fry.

The Appam was soft and delicious, and it was served in a insulated Hot Pots. It is a common practise for Kerala restaurants and is very helpful as it keeps the Appam soft and warm while we have a long conversation.

The Kozhi Kurma was sour and mildly sweet and spicy. It certainly tasted good and went pretty well with the soft Appams.

Fish fry is a Kerala speciality, and most varieties of fishes are cooked in the typical Kerala Style. The Kilimeen ( Pink Perch ) Fry tasted much better than the Ayila ( Mackerel ) Fry. The Kilimeen (Pink Perch ) was cruncy on the outside and soft inside. There were quite some bones but they were pretty weak as they had been fried well. The Ayila ( Mackerel ) Seemed over fried and a bit dry.

There are a couple of reviews that mentions that they serve a pot of Payasam in the end. It was certainly there in the menu but they did not serve it to us. They must have stopped that practise, I suppose.


Most Kerala restaurants have a tendency to go traditional with their ambience. Here it is minimal at best. The restaurant is very spacious. The tables and chairs are regular and they served regular water instead of the traditional warm and herbal water. One thing I liked especially was the restaurant is in the third floor and has two walls facing the road that are made of transparent glass. This gives a nice view of the outside. The lighting is sober and the music is not too loud. I cannot say the same about the other customers though. As its a family place there can be noisy people or children.


We visited for an early dinner and there was hardly any one else. So we did get a good service and the people who attended to us were very polite. I have read some bad reviews about their service and I assume that is during rush hours. So a tip would be to avoid rush hours.


As with everything else in Bangalore, the food here seemed overpriced. The Fish fries were especially pricey. This is something we have to ignore most often in Bangalore.

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Kaayal Restaurant -  A Kerala Cuisine restaurant
Kaayal is a good place for a taste of Kerala
Rating: 3.5
Kundalahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560037 India 
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