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Boondock Bistro - A Tale Of Enormous Servings


Bangalore has a number of Good continental Cuisine Restaurants. Generally multi cuisine restaurants serve Continental food that has been Spiced up to suit Indian Taste buds. Sometimes its a good thing as it does taste better to the Indian Taste buds. But then Its difficult to know what is the true continental cuisine without actually going to Europe. I wish there was an option in the menu to order Original or Indian version of Continental food. That would be excellent. But then there are some places that serve Authentic Continental food.

Boondock Bistro

Boondock Bistro

Boondock Bistro is located on the Whitefield Main Road. There might not be space available for parking but there is Forum Value Mall very close to the Restaurant. You can park there and walk to the Restaurant. They do not have valet. 


We ordered A plate of Chicken Wings, Spaghetti with Meatballs and The Spud Nik - basically a potato and bean0s based dish. The First thing to notice was the Quantity of food. The Chicken wings were absolutely delicious and enormous. These Chicken wings looked like they were on steroids. 

The Spaghetti and Spud Nik were in huge portions too and we never had a chance to order desserts. Important tip here is to order less. The Servings are Super sized. 

The Spaghetti and Meatballs were pretty good and the Spud Nik was delicious too. Boondock Bistro scores well on the food hands down.

Chicken Wings Boondock Bistro Bangalore
Chicken Wings Boondock Bistro Bangalore

Spaghetti And Meatballs Boondock Bistro Bangalore
Spaghetti And Meatballs Boondock Bistro Bangalore

The Spud Nik Boondock Bistro Bangalore
The Spud Nik Boondock Bistro Bangalore


The Restaurant is located on the Roof and but its not a open air restaurant. So there is no Air Conditioning here. Which is fine during most of the year but summers might not be the best time to go here. What I found surprising was that all the sides were covered. It would be a wonderful view from up there. Otherwise the d├ęcor was pretty good. The Restaurant is quite spacious.

Some reviews mention about open windows with great ventilation. This wasn't the case when I went. Not sure why though.

They also have a couple of board games kept there and you can play them with your friends.


Mini Cooler Boondock Bistro Bangalore
Mini Cooler Boondock Bistro Bangalore

Service was pretty good. The food was served rather quickly. There was this pretty interesting offer of a Mini Cooler Drink if we checked in to any Social Networking Site. So we enjoyed our free Mini Cooler.


The Price here is rather on the higher side as per the usual Bangalore Standards. But the huge portions here make it well worth the money.

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Boondock Bistro - A Tale Of Enormous Servings
A Must Visit Place In Whitefield
Rating: 4
Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka 560066 India 
Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .

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