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Boondock Bistro - A Tale Of Enormous Servings


Bangalore has a number of Good continental Cuisine Restaurants. Generally multi cuisine restaurants serve Continental food that has been Spiced up to suit Indian Taste buds. Sometimes its a good thing as it does taste better to the Indian Taste buds. But then Its difficult to know what is the true continental cuisine without actually going to Europe. I wish there was an option in the menu to order Original or Indian version of Continental food. That would be excellent. But then there are some places that serve Authentic Continental food.

Boondock Bistro

Boondock Bistro

Boondock Bistro is located on the Whitefield Main Road. There might not be space available for parking but there is Forum Value Mall very close to the Restaurant. You can park there and walk to the Restaurant. They do not have valet. 


We ordered A plate of Chicken Wings, Spaghetti with Meatballs and The Spud Nik - basically a potato and bean0s based dish. The First thing to notice was the Quantity of food. The Chicken wings were absolutely delicious and enormous. These Chicken wings looked like they were on steroids. 

The Spaghetti and Spud Nik were in huge portions too and we never had a chance to order desserts. Important tip here is to order less. The Servings are Super sized. 

The Spaghetti and Meatballs were pretty good and the Spud Nik was delicious too. Boondock Bistro scores well on the food hands down.

Chicken Wings Boondock Bistro Bangalore
Chicken Wings Boondock Bistro Bangalore

Spaghetti And Meatballs Boondock Bistro Bangalore
Spaghetti And Meatballs Boondock Bistro Bangalore

The Spud Nik Boondock Bistro Bangalore
The Spud Nik Boondock Bistro Bangalore


The Restaurant is located on the Roof and but its not a open air restaurant. So there is no Air Conditioning here. Which is fine during most of the year but summers might not be the best time to go here. What I found surprising was that all the sides were covered. It would be a wonderful view from up there. Otherwise the d├ęcor was pretty good. The Restaurant is quite spacious.

Some reviews mention about open windows with great ventilation. This wasn't the case when I went. Not sure why though.

They also have a couple of board games kept there and you can play them with your friends.


Mini Cooler Boondock Bistro Bangalore
Mini Cooler Boondock Bistro Bangalore

Service was pretty good. The food was served rather quickly. There was this pretty interesting offer of a Mini Cooler Drink if we checked in to any Social Networking Site. So we enjoyed our free Mini Cooler.


The Price here is rather on the higher side as per the usual Bangalore Standards. But the huge portions here make it well worth the money.

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Boondock Bistro - A Tale Of Enormous Servings
A Must Visit Place In Whitefield
Rating: 4
Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka 560066 India 
Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .

Friday, May 30, 2014

Kaayal - A Kerala Cuisine Restaurant

Kerala Cuisine

Kerala cuisine is certainly one of my favourites. Its quite unique and interesting with distinctive foods such as Appam - a South Indian Pancake, Idiyappam or String Hoppers, Kerala Parotta - a layered flat bread, Puttu - cylinders of ground rice, and unique preparations of fish,chicken,mutton,mussels and prawns. Bangalore has a sizeable Keralite population, and Kaayal is one of the places where they can have a bellyful of food to satisfy their hunger for home food. It also is a place where foodies like me can enjoy a different taste than the mundane food at home.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Royal Botanic Garden In Melbourne

Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne

The Royal Botanic Garden is one of the major attractions in Melbourne. It is extremely huge and took me more than a couple of hours to walk all around it. It must be an absolute pleasure to come for a walk/jog in the morning here. 


Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne Tree

Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne Trunkless Tree

There were quite a different varieties of trees there and most of them were pretty huge. This botanical garden has been here for more than 150 years. Most of the Trees were not tagged with any names but there were a lot of plants and shrubs that were. 


Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne Green Flowers

Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne Orange Plant

Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne Flower

Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

There were quite a fascinating variety of flowers in the Garden but then the kind of person I am , my personal favorite was the Carnivorous Plant. The Pitcher Plant traps insects in its cavity filled with some form of liquid. And slowly digests it. 

Black Swan

Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne Black Swan

There weren't any animals in the Garden but there were a couple of birds and I spotted this Black Swan in the pond. 


Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne Pancakes

There is a restaurant in the middle of the Garden. It provided me with some delicious Pancakes after a very tiring and long walk. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Melbourne - Interesting Incidents

Bride and Groom

Being in a developed country for the first time opens you up to experiences that are quite memorable. There are some that others have experienced and is rather common place in the First World, and you just wait for them to happen to you. And then there are those which are meant just for your eyes. And those which seem quite regular to others, are actually an entirely different experience for someone from a country like India. 

Dude where's my car!

Cool Ride

Spotted this beauty on St. Kilda's Road. It was literally a head turner. I spotted a couple of more cars and bikes that I wanted to capture but I wasn't very quick with the camera.


Crown Fireworks Melbourne

Crown Fireworks

It is quite ordinary to see fireworks at play in India during Diwali but then what The Crown had on display for no apparent reason, was pretty cool. The Crown being a casino obviously has the money to do something like this but then the surprise to me is more about this being allowed by government and the Casino rather than being able to afford it. 

Long Hairs!


Its quite a normal sight to see women in India with long hairs. But this guy would give any Woman in India a complex. His hair was matted and that might not be something Indian women may want. But then talk about long hairs.

Look Right, Look Left, Look Right, Go

Melbourne Magic - 17

I knew this isn't a big deal but the ease and simplicity of it still amazes me. If only we could get people to actually follow it if it is ever implemented in India.

t' pirates be comin arrr

Pirates In Melbourne

This was quite a surprise as I saw a bunch of people dressed as pirates walking and shouting on St. Kilda Road. It was amusing at best. Turns out that day was Talk Like A Pirate Day.

With great power comes great responsibility

Spiderman in Melbourne

And what better than meeting spider man on the way. 

Those are Not Pants!

Those Pants!

I am not sure if there is something I am missing but that is not normal! 

Movable Traffic Lights for Road Repair

There was a two lane road that was being repaired and half of the road was blocked. There was traffic coming from both side which were managed by portable traffic lights. This is such a simple yet effective solution. I wish we had them India, they are needed pretty much everywhere.

Totally stoned guy in Tram

Travelling in Trams is quite easy but then if a stoned guy can do it then things are way too easy. This guy was absolutely stoned, he was hardly able to stand. Yet he managed to get in to the train, travel undisturbed, or rather not disturbing anyone and get down, hopefully where he really needed to.

Helpful Tram driver 

People ask for directions in India all the time. But its never the drivers of public transport, they are way too rude and busy. So it was quite a surprise for me when a tram driver stopped the tram, got down and helped a couple with directions.

12 policemen

Indian Cinema has a very popular stereotype when it comes to the police. They always arrive after its too late. I saw a bleeding man asking for help, looked like he was mugged, withing a minute there were twelve policemen there. That was amazing.

Girl In The Basement Window

I was sitting in a tram and looking out the windows, I see a pretty and well dressed girl sitting in the window of a basement, probably waiting for a tram. No one else bothered but it seemed quite unusual to me. In India no girl will do that, for several reasons. The dress will get spoilt, it will look weird and so on.

Car stopped for me

This is something everyone has told me about. Cars stop for pedestrians. But its quite something to actually experience it.

Good morning by strangers

I had gotten quite accustomed to greeting and being greeted at stores. But the first time a random stranger said Good Morning I managed to somehow respond. It was completely out of the blue and felt good.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum Entrance

Melbourne Museum Early Aircraft

Melbourne Museum Tree Trunk

Melbourne Museum Whale of Fishes

Melbourne Museum Animals

Melbourne Museum is located right beside the Royal Exhibition Building in a very modern looking building. Its quite a contrast to the almost 150 years old building.

Aboriginal Artifacts

Melbourne Museum Aboriginal Statue

Melbourne Museum Aboriginal

Melbourne Museum Canoe

There is an entire section of Australian Aboriginal Artifacts on display. Most of them are statues and religious articles and some day to day items.


Melbourne Museum Manta Ray

Melbourne Museum Crab

Melbourne Museum Armadillo

Melbourne Museum Dermestid Beetles

Melbourne Museum Snake

Melbourne Museum Snapper

Melbourne Museum Tortoise

There is a remarkable number of animals or animal skeletons there in a huge section.


Melbourne Museum Dino Fossils

Melbourne Museum Dino

Melbourne Museum Dinosaur Eggs

Melbourne Museum Flying Dinosaur

Melbourne Museum Fossilized Bones

Melbourne Museum Fozzilized Dinosaurs

No Museum is complete without dinosaur bones on display. There are also dinosaur eggs and actual mud footprints on display


Melbourne Museum Gun

Melbourne Museum Guns

There is a collection of guns used in Australia since the Europeans discovered it. 


Melbourne Museum Glowing Rocks

Melbourne Museum Gold

Melbourne Museum Gypsum Closeup

Melbourne Museum Gypsum

Melbourne Museum Mesolite

Melbourne Museum Quartz

Melbourne Museum Rhodochrosite

Melbourne Museum Rocks

Melbourne Museum Volcanic Bomb

Melbourne Museum Welcome Nugget

The collection of rocks here is quite remarkable. Some of them are so colorful that they hardly look like rocks. And the collection of glow in the dark is absolutely stunning. 


Melbourne Museum Worlds Fastest Butterfly

Melbourne Museum Worlds Largest Smallest Butterfly

Melbourne Museum Worlds Most Poisonous Butterfly

Melbourne Museum Butterflies

Melbourne Museum Butterfly Design

Melbourne Museum Butterfly Hourglass

Melbourne Museum Colorful Butterflies

Melbourne Museum Colorful Butterfly

There is a massive collection of Butterflies here from the biggest to the smallest. They are also arranged in very creative patterns. 


Melbourne Museum Beetles

Melbourne Museum Compound Eye

Melbourne Museum Ant

Melbourne Museum Worlds Loudest Insect

Melbourne Museum Worlds Longest Largest Beetle

Melbourne Museum Worlds Heaviest Insect

Melbourne Museum Spiders

The Bugs collection is absolutely astounding . Spiders, Ants, Beetles, Honey Bees, and everything scary you can imagine. 

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