Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kaup Beach Udupi

Kaup Kapu Beach Udupi

Captured this Photo after the Sunset in Kaup Beach 

Kaup Beach Udupi - A Time With Friends

Kaup Kapu Beach Udupi

Captured this during my short trip to Mangalore.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Couple Dancing

Captured this Lovely Just Married Couple Dancing and celebrating In The Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne

Eureka Skydeck - The Highest Viewing Point Of The Southern Hemisphere

Eureka Towers Melbourne At Night

Eureka Skydeck is certainly a must visit for anyone in Melbourne. The spectacular view from the highest building in Australia is worth every penny. Ideal time would be go an hour before sunset. 

The Rise!

Eureka Towers Lift

There was a dedicated lift to take us to the top floor and boy was it fast. It took less time to reach 88 floors than what our apartment lift takes to reach 10.

The View

Eureka Towers Federation Square

Eureka Towers View

Eureka Towers View From Top

Eureka Towers Southbank Footbridge

Eureka Towers St Pauls Cathedral

Eureka Towers Sunset

Eureka Towers Australia's Highest Post Box

I could pretty much see every place I visited in the city from here. Federation Square, Southbank Footbridge, Royal Exhibition Building,  Shrine of Remembrance and many more. There was also a post box placed near the cafe, which obviously was at the Highest altitude in Australia. 

The Edge Experience 

The Edge Experience

Eureka Towers Band

Eureka Towers Buzzer

Eureka Towers Edge Looking Down

Eureka Towers Glass Box

Eureka Towers Skydeck Edge

As what is known as the Edge Experience we could get into a glass box that would be pushed out of the building revealing the city below. This was rather overrated in my opinion. Mainly because of the reflection in the Glass that would make it seem much less scary, and also because of my skydiving experience

The Windy Balcony

Eureka Towers Windy

Eureka Towers Through The Net

There was also a "balcony" where one can experience how windy it gets at the top. It was so windy that I was scared that my camera might fall off my hands. The wind was not constant and would come all of a sudden and can last for sometime. 

The View at Night

Eureka Towers Art Centre

The view at night was rather spectacular. However it was difficult to photograph again due to the reflections on the glass of the lighting inside. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dockland Melbourne - The Harbour

Dockland - 10

Dockland Harbour is situated at the very end of the Tram 35 Route. It is however a place to visit and simply sit and enjoy the immense beauty of the ocean and the melbourne city. 


Dockland Art

Dockland Mushroom Design

There are some interesting art installations I encountered as i was walking in the precinct. Melbourne always seems to incorporate art pretty much everywhere. 


Dockland City View

Dockland Boat

Dockland Boats

Of course the Yachts and Boats were absolutely magnificent and reminded me of the Sophisticated Cat Meme.


Dockland Harbour Town

Dockland Mall

Dockland Shops

The Precinct houses a large number of shops with pretty much everything for shopping. It was rather deserted when I went though.

Dockland View

Dockland Raining

Statues at Dockland

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel was not functional when I was there. It seems to have got a lot of flak from people. 

Yellow Flower Lalbagh Flower Show

Yellow Flower Lalbagh Flower Show

Beautiful Flowers in Lalbagh Botanical Garden during the Flower Show

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