Monday, February 3, 2014

State Library Of Victoria - Books And More

State Library of Victoria

The State Library of Victoria is not a place where tourists would usually visit. But I wanted to see how different it would be a library in Australia than the one's we have back home. 

Outside The Building

Statues Outside



State Library of Victoria

The Museum has a great architecture and is surrounted by statues. There were a lot of people sitting outside and a lot more actually reading inside the library. 

The View Inside


Huge Hall

Huge Hall


Reading Rooms

Outside La Trobe Reading Room

La Trobe Reading Room

Library Researcher

Book Shelves

CDs and DVDs

Inside the Library it was both modern and Royal. It was absolutely huge. There were not just tables and chairs but some instruments and special tables for doing research on different subjects. There were not just books but CD's and DVD's. The simple idea of keeping the empty DVD covers on display struck me as probably the most efficient thing to do.  

Art Gallery

First Floor

State Library of Victoria Art Gallery

First Floor Art Gallery


Waterfall Painting

As if I wasn't already amazed by how brilliant the Library is, they have an entire floor filled with Paintings. Its basically a Gallery on the first floor. The paintings reminded me of my visit to the National Gallery of Victoria. While this was not even comparable to their collection it certainly provided something Good to look at if you got bored reading in the Library. 

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