Friday, February 7, 2014

Shopping At Queen Victoria Market Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market

T Shirts

The Queen Victoria Market is a 17 acre huge market with stalls that sell pretty much everything. There are souvenir Shops, vegetable vendors,  Meat sellers, art works, cloths etc. It is a rather tough job to choose anything from here given the amazing variety. The Market started in the 19th Century during the times of Queen Victoria and has expanded and is actually situated over an old burial ground. 

Meat Market

Meat in Queen Victoria Market

All Meat

Australian Crab

Blue Swimmer Crabs



Beef Pork Lamb Goat Kangaroo Sausages Hamburger

Beef Tongue


The Meat market here is huge in both size and variety. There is every possible form of meat available here. Chicken, Fish, Prawns, Beef, Kangaroo, Crabs, Pork, Goat, Lamb, Lobster, Oysters and several processed meats. This is the ultimate place for anyone who loves to cook and eat. There weren't many restaurants that actually served these items. So the only way is to buy these and go home and cook.


Kangaroo Koala

Soft Toys


Cow Boy Hats

Cute Bags

Koala Bags

Weird Hats


Opal Jewellary

Kangaroo Jewelry

Road Signs


Sydney Souvenirs

There are souvenir shops of all kinds and budgets. Soft toys, models, Signs, Jewellery, Boomerangs, Magnets, Postcards, Hats and many more.


Eat At Queen Victoria Market

There are a few restaurants here but their numbers are rather low compared to the market. But well worth having a recharging meal after walking the huge market. 

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