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Immigration Museum - The History Of Australia

Immigration Museum


The Immigration Museum in Melbourne is probably something not many countries can even think of having. Almost the entire population of Australia is that of immigrants. It is indeed fit to keep the history of these immigrations in a museum. While the British saw Australia as a place to send convicts after they lost America, there were many free settlers who simply wanted a new start in a land where land was plenty and free. The pressure from them soon made the British stop sending convicts to Australia. Then Gold was discovered in Australia and the Gold Rush began. Everyone wanted a share of it. While there were times when immigration wasn't so easy for non Europeans and there was racism. Things are much better now, and the immigration museum pays a tribute to the immigrants who have left everything and come to a new land and built an amazing country.

The Wish Tree

Wish Tree

Finish Uni get Job


Flight Attendant

Give Some Food


Justin Beiber

Rain Umbrella

In the hall there was the Wish Tree, a lot of paper and pens were kept and you can simly write your wish and add it to the tree.

The Voyage

Bed inside the ship

Bunker beds in Ship

Inside the ship


The immigration in the early days of Australia was only via sea. This meant a long and difficult journey. The immigration museum contains a replica of some of the parts of the ships that were used to sail to Australia. The beds, toilets etc look rather clean here , but I doubt that was the case in real ships. 

Old Instruments



Violin in ship

Tools of Olden Times

There are a lot of Instruments on display that were used by the early settlers in Australia. 

Some Australian Iconic Items

Dresses of Australia



Taxi Drivers

Birds of Australia

History on the walls

The immigration Museum is rather diverse in what they have on display. But what was most interesting was the Timeline on the walls providing information on important events till the present time. 

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