Friday, February 14, 2014

Am Not Me.. Without You [Guest Post]

Home This Valentines Day

As I walk the lanes of memory, it feels like it was just yesterday
I was with you and the world seems to so gloomy without  you.
Every time there is war report on the television , my heart sinks ..
All I wish is it’s not you.
You are at the border fearlessly battling the enemies
And here I am battling my fears of losing you.

I had a bad day at work and was having coffee all alone on a cold day
Right then my cell phone rings to alert the arrival of a least expected parcel.
I rushed to the mail room brushing against strange arms and crossing unknown eyes.
There lay a packet on table with labeling that said it belonged to me ,
Neither was writing known nor was the fragrance, yet it said it was mine.
I struggled to break open the box like a kid all excited and anxious
To find myself nothing but me.
It was a handmade sketch of mine which was so simply beautiful.
The sketch was so like me , the happy me , the old me.
And there was a note which said
“ Miles away I am all smiles because I smile when I see u smile .
But I think , you have forgotten to smile
You now need it more than me
I Love you !  Am home this Valentines  ...”

In a moment the world seemed so nice 
the crowd was now genuine and warm 
Unknown eyes were now shining bright
I rushed back to work joyfully playing between the friendly arms of the people passing by.

About The Author

Today on the amazing evening of Valentine's Day 2014, I have the pleasure of showing you all the amazing talent of my very close friend Sunayana. She has been writing poems and has a blog too! I have been trying to motivate her to write more and share her amazing works. Hope you enjoyed the poem and do add in a few encouraging comments.

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