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Cooks' Cottage - Back In Time

Captain Cook Statue

Captain James Cook is rather a very important person in the history of Australia. His voyage was the first European contact with the Eastern coastlines of Australia. This is cottage was originally in England and was bought by a rather substantial Australian bid. Astonishingly the cottage was deconstructed brick by brick and then sailed all the way to australia and then reconstructed.

The Cottage

Cooks Cottage


Stone Mat

The cottage is rather simple in looks. The important and noticeable things are the initials JCB and the year 1755 above the door. It is believed that this was hand carved by James Cook's father. And the brilliant flint stone door mat.

Dress Up as Cook

Dress Up In Cooks Cottage

Dresses In Cooks Cottage

There are a bunch of clothes kept that resemble the ones that were worn during cooks' time. You can dress up and get photographed in them.


Staircase at Cooks Cottage


Cooks Bed

Cooks Cottage Bedroom

Cooks Cottage - 16

Cooks Cottage Brass Bed Warmer

Upstairs there were a couple of small bedrooms. There were some cloths kept around too. The interesting piece of item in the picture is a Brass Bed Warmer. As the name suggests it warms the bed in cold winter nights. These were filled with hot coal. Needless to say these were a fire hazard. And then There was a comparatively large kitchen. 

The Kitchen

Cooks Cottage Kitchen

Cooks Cottage Room

Cooks Cottage Table

Cooks Cottage Entry Log

There were a lot of things in the kitchen but still it was rather humble. There was this Visitor Log Book kept there and I got a chance to make an entry there. 

Some Paraphernalia 

Cooks Cottage Books

Cooks Cottage Chairs

Cooks Cottage Dress

There were Some books, furnitures and more cloths kept all around. By this time I was getting used to them. 

Outside again

Cooks Cottage Backyard

Cooks Cottage Family Photo

There was a rather Huge garden in the backyard and a fancy place to be the Cook family for photographs.

The Garden

Cooks Cottage Food

Cooks Cottage Garden

Cooks Cottage Tree

Cooks Cottage Vegetable Garden

The garden outside was rather huge. Considering the family usually grew vegetables in their backyard, they would have needed a lot of them as well. There is also an important plant among these - Scurvy Grass. Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of vitamin C and it was common among seamen during the 18th Century. Cook ensured that his crew had enough of vitamin C by using Scurvy Grass in their diet. 

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