Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chinese Museum - The Values Of China In Melbourne

Chinese Museum Sign Board

Chinese Museum

A visit to the Chinese Museum located in the Chinatown of Melbourne is a great experience to understand the history of the chinese population in Australia. 

A Walk Through

Chinese paper decorations

Technology and History



Chinese banners

Chinese Cloths

Chinese Dress

Chinese Food

The Museum has a motion sensor based voice guidance system. So you learn a lot as you keep walking through the lanes. In the early days of Australia, most of the Chinese were lured by the prospect of Gold, during the Gold Rush. However till recently the Chinese population faced great difficulties due to racism and tough immigration policies. During the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, the Prime Minister of Australia gave permanent settlement to the students in Australia who were from China. Soon the Immigration policies and other laws were improved and now the Chinese population is doing very well in Australia.

Predicting the Future

Chinese Fortune Sticks

Chinese Fortunes

My Number

My Fortune

There were these sticks kept with numbers written on them, supposed to tell us about our future. I randomly picked on and it was the number 12! Well my future seemed like something Good. Yay.

Chinese Artifacts

Chinese Lottery

Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Chinese Museum artifact

There was a great diversity in the things kept in the museum from Clothes to Food Items. 

The Dragon

Dragon head

Dragon Tail


The Chinese Museum also is home to the Chinese Dragons Dai Loong and the Millennium Dragon, which is also the World's largest Chinese Dragon.

Chinese Art and Craft


Huge Pottery

Incense Sticks

Museum history Centre

Old Photos


Teracotta warrior replica

The Museum also hosts a Chinese Seismograph, a functional one! There are several videos of people of Chinese origin telling their story. It gets quite emotional at times. Immigration may seem rather normal because of the huge numbers associated with it, but the fact is most people undergo a rather painful emotional state both before and after migrating to a completely new Continent. 


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