Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trams Of The Beautiful City Of Melbourne

Tram Stop

Trams are pretty much everywhere in Melbourne. But they come in a great variety too. Some are old and have an antique feel. Some are futuristic. Here are some of the Pictures of the different Trams I saw in Melbourne. 

City Circle Tram

City Circle Tram

City Circle Tram in Flinders Street Stop

Trams on the Roads of Melbourne

Trams of Melbourne

Tram Approaching

Tram Around the CBD

CIty Circle Tram

Inside the tram

The City Circle Tram is a free Service that allows you to go all around the CBD Area. The Trams are old but fully functional and have a vintage look. They are usually filled with tourists. It also has announcements going on at every stop about what are the important tourist spots at that stop. I must have gone in this tram pretty much everyday. It does get crowded at times though.

Other Trams

Colorfull Tram

Blue Tram Melbourne

Ads on Trams

Old Green tram

Green Tram

Purple Tram

Red Tram

White Trams

Trams in Federation Square

Trams in Melbourne

There are a great variety of Trams that are the regular trams and you have to pay to use them. There are some that look like the City circle tram but that's only because they are old. And then there are some that look absolutely colorful and dazzling. That's usually because of the advertisements on them. But the new trams look way better but then there is no great advantage because they usually go slow anyway. 

Tram Restaurant

Tram Restaurant

The Tram Restaurant is exactly what the name says, its a restaurant in a tram. Its a very cool concept and probably in my next trip I will have a meal there. 



Myki is the card that enables you to travel on the trams. The trams ticketing system is fully automated. You touch on the Myki card and your trip starts and you Touch off before getting off the  tram and money is deducted from your myki. Something first time travellers do not know is that you need to get a myki before getting onto the tram. You can get them from any 711 stores. And always keep some credit  in your myki card because if you get onto a tram and find yourself short of credit then you are effectively travelling without ticket and there are checks sometimes. If you get caught the fines are huge. The people in melbourne are very helpful so feel free to ask around about how to use them if you are unclear. 

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