Monday, January 20, 2014

St Paul's Cathedral - Church Where Women Were Ordained As Priests First In Australia

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral is right opposite Federation Square and looks very majestic in design and size. Personally I do not have any interests in Religion per se. But then churches are beautiful. 

Beautiful Door

Inside View


Private Altar

The Chruch Looked very grand from outside, but once inside you get a grasp of how enormous it is.  There were framed images and Information all along the side walls. The interior was quite beautifully designed with arches and figures pretty much everywhere. 

The Last Supper

Wooden 12 Apostles

The Architecture and the interior design was incredibly beautiful but other than that there were some wooden sculptures kept which were intricate and artistic. 

Women Ordained

Women Ordained as Priests

This is something that caught my eyes and I had new found respect for the church. I don't pray so there wasn't much to do there once I had soaked in the beauty of the place. But it was worth the visit nevertheless. 

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