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Shrine of Remembrance - A War Memorial

Shrine of Rememberance

The Shrine of Remembrance is a World War I war memorial built for the men and women of victoria who served in the war. It is a site of the ANZAC Day on 25th April and Remembrance Day on on November 11. 

The Building

View From Eureka Towers



Back of Shrine of Rememberance

Shrine of Rememberance


Fire Shrine

Fire Shrine

View From Top of the City

View of the Botanical Garden

The War memorial is located in a huge and absolutely stunning setting. The Shrine is on the top of a hill and that makes it stand out from quite far and the view from the top is just amazing.

Sculptures and other memorials

Cool Soldier

Man with Donkey


Wife and Children

There are a lot of sculptures all around the Shrine. Each one is a memorial for the World War I. 

Inside the Shrine



Names of Soldiers


Hole In the wall

Light Falling on the word Love

Greater Love Hath No Man

The most amazing part of this shrine is the event that occurs on Rememberance Day Novemember 11th every Year. At 11 AM the rays of the sun passes through the small gap in the ceiling and fall right on the word Love on the memorial Stone. 

The Museum

Medals Gallery



There were lots of artefacts, photos and medals from World War I displayed in the museum and there was a souvenir shop too. 

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