Saturday, January 25, 2014

Royal Exhibition Building - A Peep Into History

Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Carlton Garden, Melbourne. The Exhibition building is generally closed except for guided tours that happen everyday. You have to be in time for the tour as the door are locked after the tour group enters the Building. 

The Building

Royal Exhibition Building



In 1810, The Royal Exhibition building was built to host the Melbourne International Exhibition and later used for opening of the first parliament. The building is rather huge and very spacious. The architecture is very simple in the inside but looks very royal from outside. 

The Guide told us a lot about the history of this building which I will not divulge here. That would be a spoiler for your next trip to Melbourne!

The Garden



Duck in Pond

Bridge Over Pond

Bridge on The Pond




All around the Royal Exhibition Building the garden is filled with various fountains and different plants. There were many people having a picnic in the garden beside the pond. 


Ball room Dancing




Colonial Mutual Life Building

Broken Buliding

These are some of the many events that happened in the Royal Exhibition Building. There was a fire in one of the buildings and had to be demolished. Some parts of the building are kept outside as a memorial. This place is one of the oldest buildings still intact. An absolute must visit to see the grandeur of the past.

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