Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rock Beach - Day and Night


Finally I got the chance to visit Pondicherry. It has been on the list for a long time now. We took a bus from bangalore and stayed at a friends place. 

Pondy Beach at Night

We came to Rock Beach from Pichavaram. It was quite late in the night. We came here after dinner and it was certainly a place where you can just sit all night and wonder about the complexities of life. I guess it was the breeze that had some kind of philosophical touch to it. The pier wasn't very visible then. The waves were pretty strong. And the street along the beach looked like a scene from Talaash. It was absolutely beautiful. There were some people there inspite of it being pretty late in the night. 

Rock Beach Pier


Rock Beach in the Day

The Next day it was time to see Rock Beach in more details. Something i found quite perplexing was the contrast. The entire town of Pondicherry looks rather dirty and very Indian. Then we take a turn and as if we just passed through a time portal and have reached some other place. It's absolutely different. Rock Beach is one such place. Absolutely neat and clean . Well maintained. 

Waves Splashing


The Pier was inaccessible but there were a lot of rocks parallel to it and we had a mini pier to enjoy the ocean from a closer view. The waves were pretty strong and the rocks were stronger . It was beautiful indeed.

Sea Wall

Something Interesting I learnt about Pondicherry is that during the tsunami of Dec 26, 2004 Pondy was quite safe compared to the other places. It was because of the Sea Wall that the French had constructed along the coastline. The Government keeps adding boulders as and when erosion eats away the stones. What struck me is a simple solution to prevent soil erosion saved so many lives. 


The weather was absolutely a torture for someone from Bangalore. It was humid and hot. While the wind at the beach was helping us a bit. It dehydrated and tanned us a lot. Thanks to the AC Cars we were travelling in, it did not seem that bad. 

It was amazing to visit Pondicherry, but there is more we could have done if we had more time. That calls for a second visit. May be we will visit during the monsoons to avoid the heat.


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