Friday, January 17, 2014

Paradise Island - A Playful Beach In Pondicherry


Our final stop in Pondicherry was Paradise Island in Chunnamber. There are ferry boats running between the mainland and the Island. This place turned out to be quite a fun beach. Its a family beach and pretty safe with lifeguards all along the beach. 

Dry Plants

Paradise Island is very well maintained and has changing rooms, life gaurds and even a small restaurant. They weren't particularly very clean but then this is India. Funnily enough you are fined if you get food from outside. We had got nice homemade food. The fine is 50 Rupees per head. What's so funny you ask. We can pay the fine in advance and use that as a permit to have food in the beach. Without any doubt in India anything is allowed as long you pay up.

Huge Hut


There were many small huts and a couple of big ones, where people were relishing the food they got from their homes. I checked out the restaurant there. It was hardly up to the mark. These huts were very helpful as till we were in water we never felt how scorching the sun was. Its almost a must to carry sun screen lotion here.


Paradise Island is a really beautiful beach and is very clean and well maintained. This is certainly a must visit for anyone visiting Pondicherry. Just keep in mind that you need to return before 5pm as the ferries stop after that. 


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