Sunday, January 19, 2014

Old Melbourne Gaol - Locked Up In Melbourne

Old Melbourne Gaol Entrance

My Visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol was supposed to be just another visit, but then it turned in a direction I did not anticipate. There are some things in life which just happen. 

Get In a Jail, They Said, It Will Be Fun, They Said

Old Melbourne Gaol Timing

Old Melbourne Gaol Building

Old Melbourne Gaol Door

The Gaol is closed all the time but once in a while as per schedule the Sergeant comes out and arrests the hapless Tourists outside. And then begins the horrible ordeal. We were asked to keep our bags away and stand against the wall. Then we were asked to show our hands and the sole of our feet to ensure we did not carry any weapons. Then the sergeant asked us to show our tongues to ensure we did not carry anything hidden there. 

Old Melbourne Gaol Hallway

Old Melbourne Gaol Lockup

Then we were unceremoniously asked to make an entry so that it's recorded for eternity that we were arrested. We were then made to walk in a line to the cells. The hallway was well lit but the cells looked rather small and dirty. All the men were put in one cell and the women in another. 

Oh The Filth

Shit on the Ceiling


The cell was horrendously filthy. There were benches along the wall and a commode that looked more like a gateway to hell. There was filth everywhere, even the ceiling. It would be hard to imagine how anyone would be able to live here for more than a couple of minutes. 

A Bit of Recreation

Old Melbourne Gaol Common Area

Old Melbourne Gaol Common Area

Then we were taken to the recreation facility, This is where everyone could get some fresh air. Certainly they had taken care that it was completely closed and there was no way out. 

Others Like Me 

Jail Inmates

There was a wall filled with detailed descriptions of the notorious people who have been kept here and reading the descriptions was not very pleasant. 

Bite Me I Am Crazy


There was one cell which was fully padded and obviously was meant for extremely dangerous criminals who might even want to hurt themselves. 

The Time I Got Arrested

Mug Shots

Mug Shots

Me behind Bars

Then they took our mug shots and put us behind bars forever.

Freedom At Last


Old Melbourne Gaol

Old Melbourne Gaol Outside

After some time we were let out and we smelt the fresh air and were happy that we lived the ordeal. It was indeed one of the most memorable experiences as the entire getting arrested, lock up, fake dirty cells were all very interesting. Kudos the Tourism Dept for making what making what would have been a rather boring museum experience, a memorable one.

The Sergeant told us that These cells were used to hold undertrials in the olden times. As the court was right beside the Jail. Today most people are simply asked to go home and appear in court later. People have been kept here for all kinds of crime, including the recent ones of being a tourist. 

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