Wednesday, January 22, 2014

China Town - In The Heart Of Melbourne

Welcome to Chinatown Melbourne

A sizeable population of Melbourne comprises of people from China or Chinese Origin. And as an obvious consequence they have a China Town. Usually I am used to seeing cheap electronic stuffs in Chinatown but this was quite different. 

Streets of Chinatown

China Town Decoration

China Town Gate

Colorful Gate

The Chinatown in Melbourne was quite well decorated and was indeed very colorful. There were a lot of Chinese cuisine shops and other shops. This place was just a small area filled with lots of colorful chinese shops. 

Chinese Museum

China Town Chinese Museum

Needless to say this is the location for the Chinese Museum. Quite difficult to spot actually but then Google Maps comes to the rescue.  


Crabs in Aquarium

There are a great variety of restaurants in Chinatown, from extremely cheap to Extravagant ones. I had a chance to try out the Dumplings at a couple of places. They were absolutely delicious. 

An Indian Touch

Curry Corner

There were a couple of Indian Restaurants that I spotted too. While the Indian Community isn't very huge there. There are Indian restaurants pretty much everywhere again ranging from Cheap ones to Ridiculously expensive ones. 


Street Art in China Town

Like anywhere else in Melbourne there was some Graffiti art here too. I expected some Chinese Graffiti but I guess the laws of Kung Fu don't allow that.

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