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The Egg Factory St Marks Road Its Egilicious

Cooks in Action

Bangalore once may have been city of gardens , city of lakes or pensioners paradise. But now it is none of those . Bangalore is now a city of restaurants and pubs. Not many new pubs though thanks to the Government. A Gem among all the usual, overpriced and rather average restaurants is Egg Factory. It is literally like nothing else. Its the only egg themed restaurant. Every dish is made from eggs except a couple for Pure vegans. 

The place gets really crowded so better be ready to wait or come early or a bit late than the usual times. 


The only Egg Factory I have been to is the first one that was started in St Marks Road. Looks like they have opened new ones in Jayanagar and Ulsoor. I need to visit them soon.

The Egg Factory


The ambiance is very chilled out and a bit funky. You got crazy egg related things everywhere. Not sure why they have a metal cock hanging on the walls though. Unless they expect it to lay eggs , damn unrealistic expectations of the boss. The menu is multilingual and comes in the form of a manual. Its pretty unique in everything . The tables and chairs are very normal but they go well with the informal ambiance. The specials board is something to look out for. They also have won numerous awards and they are all displayed proudly.

Egg Laying Cock





Specials Board



The Food is as they term it - Egilicious. One of my favourite is the Ménage à trois. Somehow I end up ordering only this every single time I go to Egg Factory. There is also the quite popular choco sin dessert. The Pasta Al Bhurj was pretty good.

Ménage à trois

Pasta Al Bhurj



Iced Tea

The Egg Factory Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .
The Egg Factory - Egilicious
The Egg Factory is without any doubt one of the best Restaurants in Bangalore

Rating: 4

Ground Floor, Whitehouse, St.Marks Road, 

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