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Kentucky Fried Chicken Rice Bowlz - A Great Value for Money

KFC India Rice Bowlz

KFC has been releasing dishes that are tailor made for the Indian masses. Its actually a pretty tough job to keep a billion people happy, especially when they speak 1000 different languages, and the culture and taste changes every 10 miles. The tastes vary from the sweet toothed Gujaratis to the hottest chilly in the world.

The Rice Bowlz

The Rice Bowlz has come as an answer to this diversity. Except for a few states rice is the staple food in India. So this is probably the best bet KFC can make in getting something on their menu that will be popular everywhere. As the name suggests its basically a bowl of rice with pieces of chicken popcorn and gravy. The gravy is way down at the bottom. I actually did not realize there was any gravy at all till I had almost reached the end of the bowl. Needless to say it goes well with the awesome KFC Ketchup and soft drink.

There is also a vegetarian version of the rice bowl. The rice was pretty good and the curry/gravy was actually really nice. So the vegetarian bowl makes a good deal too. But then I would always prefer to have the chicken. But if you for some reason do not want to have chicken, the veg Rice Bowlz will rescue you.

There are other variants of the Rice Bowlz in Philippines but again those are tailored to the local tastes. But they look way more delicious than what we got here.

The Rice Bowl

KFC Ketchup

KFC Soft Drink


The rice bowlz is probably the best priced item that KFC has in terms of value for money. The veg rice bowlz costs 69 and the non veg one costs 79. Just the Rice Bowl is enough to satisfy those hunger pangs or a light dinner/lunch. But if you want to indulge then you can also go for a meal , though that will cost you way more. But then you get extra gravy which I think will be well worth it.

Rice Bowlz, Kentucky Fried Chicken Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .
Rice Bowlz From Kentucky Fried Chicken - A Great Value for Money
Rice Bowlz is a great value for money from KFC
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