Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eggy Wrap in Cafe Coffee Day - Stir The Coffee And Taste The Egg

Eggy Wrap, Cafe Coffee Day Reviewed by Sougata Khan on . Eggy Wraps, are delicious. Eggy Wraps are a pretty good addition to Cafe Coffee Days Menu. Rating: 3
Egg Wrap CCD

Cafe Coffee Day is one of the few Indian brands that are simply a class apart. The default place to hangout, the usual meeting place and the perfect drink - coffee. Recently CCD has started adding a more wider range of items to their food menu. This is pretty good for both the business and customers. Variety is the after all the spice of life. There has been only one thing missing from their menu which is now complete - The humble Egg.

Eggy Wrap Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day recently launched Eggy Wrap - Delicious Spicy Scrambled Eggs in a Wrap.

Since None of the food in CCD is freshly prepared it's quite difficult to serve Indian/Indianish food. As you might have noticed the Bread/Wrap is very much like Indian Roti/Paratha. Unless freshly prepared they tend to be rubbery and hard. Luckily the Eggy Wrap doesn't fare too bad there. The Wrap gets pretty moist when microwaved and tastes fine but the edges of the wrap still remain a bit chewy. I would disregard this one bit for the Eggy Wrap and still recommend it to everyone simply because its pretty good overall. 

The Eggy wrap can get a bit messy to eat if you remove the packaging completely as I did for the photo. But then it will get messy anyway when you add the awesome CCD ketchup. So I would suggest go grab an Eggy Wrap for yourself and get Eggy messy. 

CCD Ketchup

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