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Calzone Pockets From Domino's Pizza - A Long Way To Go

Calzone Pockets From Domino's Pizza

Domino's has probably one of the best Pizza's, well at least in India. Without any doubt they are the best when it comes to home delivery of Pizza. Just like other international food chains Domino's too tries to bring in new flavors and new dishes to the Indian Market that are well suited to our unique taste buds. Albeit it's not an easy task. After all we are a nation of many nations. Its quite amazing how we have managed to settle on our love for pizza, something so unlike our traditional food. Of course pizza would have probably been dead in India had it not been for the quirks and fixes for our taste.  

Barbecue Chicken

Calzone Pockets

The latest Item on Domino's Menu is the Calzone Pockets. I was pretty excited with the concept. Its always a messy affair having Juicy or overloaded pizza. I hate wasting good toppings, and you can only do so much when it starts spilling over the gooey goodness. The Calzone Pockets seemed to fix that, its like a spill proof pizza. The only place the filing may drip is probably your lips. Ummmm

Domino's Calzone Pockets

However I was actually quite disappointed with what I got. The Calzone Pockets though a good concept is poorly executed. The bread is soft and different, which probably is the only good part of it. The USP that Calzone Pocket seemed to promise (The no spill Yum Goodness of filling) , simply because there is hardly any filling. The filling was rather way deep inside the pockets, and whatever was there had too little chicken. I was expecting it to be bursting with filling, well simply because it can. 

I am hoping Domino's get's the cue from this and replaces the filling with something that can probably get Katrina to shift from Slice to Calzone Pockets. Imagine filling dripping down her lips. You get the picture. 

Calzone Pockets Domino's Pizza


Veg Calzone Costs ₹85 and Non Veg Calzone Pocket costs ₹95. The Prices are pretty fair because they are actually pretty huge. But its just an illusion, kind of like how lays packets look big. The filling needs to be more.

Calzone Pockets, Domino's Pizza Reviewed by Sougata Khan on 
Calzone Pockets From Domino's Pizza - A Long Way To Go 
Calzone Pockets are a rather Disappointing Item from Domino's pizza 
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