Friday, November 8, 2013

Reaching 20000 KM In My FZ 16

20000 Km in Yamaha fz

Its not even been 2 years since I bought the amazing Yamaha FZ 16. It surprises me now though that how much I have used the bike since then. It has already finished 20000 KM and that too in Bangalore Traffic ... Ugh. It still feels new when you drive it, well probably no the tires. They don't give the same confidence in turns and gravel as they used to earlier. But otherwise it's pretty much holding on to its initial glory. Sadly I haven't been on any long bike trips since it completed 10k KM , so the longest trip till date still is to mysore.

I haven't had any problems with the bike as such, but there might have been a small puncture which I couldn't even notice because of the tubeless tires . A friend realized when he borrowed it and got it fixed.

Luckily there haven't been any accidents too. There were a couple of narrow misses though.

The bike stunt

One gloomy evening I was returning from office and it was raining like hell. I could hardly see the road and the great Bangalore traffic wasn't helping. I tried to overtake a bus that had decided it was prudent to board passengers by stopping right in the middle of the road. And just like everyone else a car was overtaking the bus too , this resulted in me to go way to the right than I was supposed to be. Now it was pretty dark and the rains made it even harder to see. I did not realize my mistake till I saw the big block of stone lying on the road . It was basically a piece of the divider that had come off. It was about 1.5 Foot for sure. I was too close to it to even brake. I just drove over it and I wish someone had recorded it. It was literally a feeling from the movies , the bike jumped landed perfectly and I just continued thanking my luck.

Damn Pedestrians

Everyone learnt in school how to cross the road . Its simple.
Look to the left, look to the right, Look to the left again and if there are no vehicles cross the road.

Here's what Bangalorean's have been taught. 
Look to the left, start walking while you look at the traffic on the right. 
Its absolutely absurd when you find pedestrian's crossing the road and looking away from the oncoming traffic. Talk about keeping an eye on the destination. 

I was doing pretty good speed on an absolutely straight road, and I got distracted by some guy honking for no reason. When I looked ahead my heart skipped a beat, no make that double, there was a girl crossing the road looking towards her left and I was going directly towards her from the right. I braked as much as possible without skidding and missed her closer than I would have wished for. Luckily there was no contact because at that speed it would be pretty dangerous.

Other than these there have been the usual crazy Autowala's and bus drivers who have no clue what traffic rules are. So I guess we can say it's been a good year.

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