Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween in Toit Brew Pub in Bangalore - Best Costume Male

Vampire Getup Halloween 2013 Bangalore Toit

Halloween in India

Halloween is something very American and needless to say isn't very popular in India. However it is catching up ,thanks to the young crowd in India. Effectively Halloween is celebrated in mostly pubs and Homes, and that too isn't everywhere. Probably it would have helped if Diwali wasn't so close to Halloween.

Halloween in Bangalore

Most pubs in Bangalore Celebrate Halloween , and have quite an elaborate ambiance and decor. But the crowd that comes really dressed isn't a lot . The main reason being its very hard to find the right costume. There are pretty much no shops that have quality stuff. The few results that we get when we search for "Halloween Costumes Bangalore" are actually cheap fancy dress shops that are not worth anything. So the Best Bet is to buy them at the pub itself. 


Toit is a Brewery and Serves its own specialty Beer. I am not quite a big fan of beer so it was a Black Dog 12 Years and the all famous Long Island Iced Tea for me.

Long Island Iced Tea

Black Dog 12 Years


Toit usually gets the Halloween ambiance pretty good. There were all kinds of scary and spooky stuffs all over the Pub. Cob webs , witches, skulls and pickled Brains. 

Bloody Skeleton

Cob Webs


Pickled Bodies

Severed Head

Spooky Smoke

Toit Brewpub

Toit Bar

The Awesome Employees of Toit

The Ambiance was brought alive by the dressed up waiters and Scary ghosts all over the Pub. There were really tall fairy and devil . But the best was a woman in white sari. She would just randomly pop up and scare the hell out of people.

Bartenders Playing with Fire

The Devil

Scary lady

Tall Fairy

My Vampire Costume

 I had chosen a vampire getup and It came together pretty well. And as luck would have it , I managed to grab the best dressed male award there. Yay. The best dressed couple were actually way more innovative and they had come as the Flintstones.  I wonder where did they manage to get those costumes unless they got it abroad or made it themselves. I wish there were some good shops selling Halloween Costumes in India.

Vampire Costume in Toit Brewery

Best Costume Male

Wine Bottle Prize

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