Saturday, October 26, 2013

Funniest Music Videos That Are Totally Unintentional

These are few really funny Music Videos that I have found on the internet . The best part is that they are all unintentionally hilarious. Now get some pop corn and enjoy.

  • What does the Fox Say

I am not sure if this was really intended to be funny or its just plain stupid. But if you always wondered what the Fox says then you might find yourself enlightened.

So what happens when English meets a strong Indian Accent in a house of bad lyrics. This song kind of resembles Kolaveri Di, except that Kolaveri Di was intentionally funny. 

D4NNY is a rapper and songwriter. Its pretty hard to comment about his music without offending him. Please let me know if you were able to listen to the whole song.

Benny Lava is not strictly speaking a Music Video that is funny. But this guy has come up with an absolute gem of a lyrics and that gives this Song a wildcard entry .

Here is a Youtube playlist containing all the Videos -

Do let me know any other Music Videos that you found funny. I would love to add to this list.

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