Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Hack Proof your Gmail Account

Hack Proof Your Gmail Account

Gmail is now almost everyone's default email account. Which makes it absolutely essential that Gmail account is secure . Thankfully Gmail has provided more than enough ways to secure your account. Here are a few things you can do to fully secure your Google Account.

  • Make sure you choose a strong password
  • Go to Gmail Settings -> Filters, Gmail Settings -> Accounts -> Grant access to your acount, Gmail Settings -> Forwarding/POP/IMAP
    • Make sure no one has already hacked and added their email in these places
    • Disable POP/IMAP if you don't use it.
  • Gmail Setting -> General -> always use https . 
    • http has a huge vulnerability that allows anyone using the same wifi as you to be able to do all kinds of crap. Google for more info on this.
  • Gmail Settings -> Accounts -> other Google account settings 
    • Make sure your alternate email address and phone numbers are all current and updated
    • Preferably use another Gmail address as alternate email which has been protected the same way . 
    • Don't use that alternate Gmail for anything. That way no one will know which account to start hacking with. Anonymity is your first line of defense here.
  • Gmail Settings -> Accounts -> other Google account settings -> Manage security
    • Turn on 2 step verification
      • Any time you want to access your Google Account from a browser from where you have not already logged in , it will send a message to your phone and you have to enter that code and only then you will be allowed to log in. On browsers you have already logged in from, you need not enter another code for a month. Also make sure your phone has a lock pattern or password. 
      • If you loose your phone you will need to get a duplicate sim with the same number otherwise you might be locked out of your Google account. There are 5 emergency codes that Google gives that you can use in this situation to log in without the 2 step authentication.

Follow these steps and Now you have successfully made your Gmail unhackable.

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