Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Create a Strong Password

How to Create a Strong Password

Its very important to choose a strong password. Having a weak password is the simplest way to get your account hacked. However it is not easy to create a password, that you can easily remember and is strong. Here are some tips :
  • Never use Common English words alone
    • Common English words are very prone to standard dictionary attacks. Basically a hacker can run a program that will try out different combinations of words and with time hack your account.
  • Use Phrases instead of a single word
    • A sentence or a phrase without the spaces is the best option for a long password. For e.g instead of justinebeiber you can use iabsolutelyhatejustinbeiber . And how can you ever forget that!
  • Replace letters with numbers/symbols. 
    • This is your first line of defense. you can replace letters like
      • I with 1
      • a with @
      • o with 0
      • e with 3
      • s with 5
  • Capitalize
    • You can choose to capitalize the first letter of every word or the last letter. 
  • Use another Language
    • If you know a language other than English , that is a great way to have a good password
    • e.g iabsolutelyhatejustinbeiber would be ihassejustinbieber in German
  • So with all these tips your simple sentense can become 
    • IH@sseJust1nB1eber
    • Iha55Eju5tiNbeibeR
    • and so on.
This tips can be applied to the Secret Question and Secret Answers as well .

Be very careful when you are entering your password, other people can look over your shoulders and if you type slowly, its really easy to know your password

If you have any tips or stories to share please let me know in the comments.

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