Sunday, September 15, 2013

Southbank Melbourne

Southbank at Night

Southbank is the neighboring area of the CBD in Melbourne. The Yarra river provides a quite beautiful addition to the beauty of this city. And quite complimentary to that , Melbourne is the largest settlement that the Yarra River flows through. There are several Bridges on the Yarra River. A very popular one being the Southbank Footbridge.

City beside the Yarra river


Yarra River

 South bank Footbridge

Its quite interestingly designed , in spite of the fact that it is only used by pedestrians . The bridge has a pub under it is quite an experience to have a drink in the middle of the Yarra river.

View of Southbank Footbridge from Eureka Towers

Southbank Foot bridge

Love Locks

Melbourne is one of the places where you can find Love Locks on the bridges . The messages are a bit hard to read but sometimes well worth it.

Love Locks in Southbank

Love Locks in Melbourne

Love Locks in Southbank

Love Locks in Southbank Foot bridge

Art and Artists

There are artists playing music or performing all around Southbank. There is the famous Ophelia by Deborah Halpern right beside the Southbank Footbridge too.

Violinist in Southbank

Ophelia by Deborah Halpern

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