Friday, September 13, 2013

Reaching Melbourne


Continued from Flying Out of India

After a long wait I boarded my flight to Bangkok on time . It was pretty cool that I got a fancy Window seat with a nice view of the Right wing and close to the small screen displaying the Birds eye view of the outside . This single handedly provided more entertainment than the In flight entertainment.

It was fun to watch the runway go far far far and the view shifts to clouds and then to a starry sky. Actually felt like a star trek voyage.

The food was pretty standard Thai food. But the scotch was good. I have never had such amazing scotch mixed with just water. I need to try that . I fell asleep in no time and I was in Bangkok . The view of the city before the landing was amazing.

It was pretty hard to communicate with the people in the Bangkok airport. we both were of course trying our best. Finally I managed to reach the gate and I had an hour to spare.

I was on my way to the gate to board the next flight when I saw one of the guys at the security fiddling with a Note 2. Surprisingly it looked exactly like mine, the scratches and stuff. Then it struck me. Thankfully I had a photo of myself in the phone so I could quickly prove it was mine and move to catch my flight. A nice lady had found it and saved me a lot of trouble.

Then started the crazy 8 hour flight. But then the advantage of travelling on a weekday is that the airlines are not fully packed. In the last flight I got a window seat and only the aisle seat was occupied. In the next flight I get all three seats to myself and I lie down and sleep throughout the journey .

I managed to capture a bit of a video for you guys to enjoy.

Finally I reached Melbourne, After passing immigration I stepped onto Melbourne and it was cold. I  luckily got connected easily to Airport WiFi and managed to get some last minute change in the rendezvous location with my hostess in Australia.

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