Monday, September 9, 2013

Hookah at Rasta Cafe

Rasta Cafe at night

There are a lot of places in Bangalore where we can hang out with friends and have a nice time. But then there is always the Cinderella hour of 11 pm . Since all places in Bangalore are closed by 11 , there are only a couple of Cafe Coffee Days that are open 24/7 that cater to the insomniac Crowds. And then there is Rasta Cafe.

Its located in middle of no where on the Mysore road. Pretty hard to locate if the Sign boards are not lit. Better be equipped with GPS .

The Food here has improved a lot and now its actually great. But unless you are ok with smoking Hookah or other people smoking Hookah better stay away from here.


Potato Wedges

Its a huge place with a good lawn and lots of trees. This is the only place Near Bangalore where you can get Hookah , after Bangalore police shut down all hookah places in the city.


Rasta Cafe Hookah

Hookah Smoke

There is usually a pretty good crowd on Saturdays and there are Bouncers all through out the night. So it is pretty safe.

Rasta Cafe

Returning from Rasta Cafe

A Few Tips

  • It gets very crowded on Saturday nights. Better reach there by 11 pm. 
  • Get a jacket . It gets really really cold.
  • When you are going to Rasta cafe from Bangalore you will find Rasta cafe on your right and will have to take a U turn. Drive Carefully on Mysore Road and especially this U turn.
  • Always carry an ID card . Especially for girls.
And now I would like to leave you with a nice song


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