Sunday, September 15, 2013

Princes Walk The Best View Of Melbourne

 view of the city

Right behind Federation Square there is Princes Walk. You can find joggers, and tourists here just enjoying the beauty of of the city by the Yarra river.

Its a kids world

There is a building under renovation that's supposed to be a children's attraction. I am not quite sure what it is but there well some kids playing outside anyway.

Mystery Kids Building


As everywhere in Melbourne this place too has some art. This is certainly some aboriginal art and some regular weird structures. They look beautiful but then don't make much sense. I guess that's the point of some art.

Aboriginal Art

Modern Art

Best Quality of Life

It must be hell of a life to live around here and come for a jog by the river , watching ducklings learn to swim and beautiful trees and occasional kayaks on the river. Undoubtedly Melbourne has one of the best quality of life.





Yarra Cruise

View from Princes Walk

There is an amazing of view of the city from Princes Walk and the walk in itself is very beautiful. The arrangement of trees and the river flowing beside it. It all adds up to create an amazing and yet simple place.

Melbourne City from Princes Walk

Princes Walk

Trees in Princes Walk



Awesome road beside the River

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