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Phillip Island - From Sunset To Penguins Parade

Phillip Island Sunset

There are only few places on earth where you can get to watch penguins in the wild. Phillip Islands famous Penguin Walk is one of them. I had an amazing evening watching the little penguins swim out of the ocean and trot up the beach. And the beautiful sunset at the beach was memorable too.

The Beach

The final stop as part of the Two day Great Ocean Road Trip from Autopia Tours was at Phillip Island. We were going to see the Penguin Parade, but as we had some time to spare we went to the Beach there. It was especially beautiful. The Beach was exceptionally clean and even the sea weed that had washed ashore looked beautiful. There were some castles made on the beach by kids most probably. And there were small birds eating insects near the waves and running away from the waves as they came too close. the sun was about to set and the white clouds looked majestic in the huge blue sky of Melbourne. Probably the best thing on earth is to go bare foot on wet sand and just walk by the waves. There is no feeling that can match that. There were some grasses growing on the edge of the beach which was quite surprising as the natural vegetation of Australia is more desert like.

The Beach

Waves in the Beach

Grass in the beach

God Cloud

Beautiful Clouds


Amazing Clouds

Heavenly Clouds

Beach castles

Penguin Houses

Phillip Island has the famous Penguin Parade. The Penguins go for fishing into the ocean and come back at sunset. They walk across the beach to their homes that they have made in the rocks and bushes. These are made from mud and soil. But sometimes animals or rain destroys them. The good people at Phillip Island made wooden houses for the Penguins so that they can survive. Sometimes you can simply walk on the wooden walks and spot penguins in their small little homes. These are the worlds smallest Penguins.

Birds Crossing the Road

Feeding Birds

Phillip Island Wooden Walk

Phillip Island Bird

Phillip Island

Artificial Penguin Houses

Penguin under wooden walk

Penguin in his House

Spotting a penguin

Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade was one of the things I had been looking forward to even before I started from India. The crowd I saw for this was only matched by the Footy Parade in Fed Square. There wasn't even enough space to stand. Luckily for us. People kept leaving from the front as they had seen the first few batches of penguins come out of the ocean but then the penguins didn't stop coming. It was a bit difficult to spot them at first since they are so small and it wasn't very well lit. But then our eyes got used to it. There was this group of penguins that left one of their mates and reached the end of the beach but some of the sea gulls scared that poor penguin and he went back to the ocean. Then like a small version of penguin movie. The other penguins came back for their friend and rescued him from the sea gulls. It was really hilarious actually. The small penguins looked really funny walking, trotting and climbing the rocks was absolutely cute.

There is an option to pay extra and view the penguins up and close. From what I heard it was worth it. As you can be a hands away from the penguins there and from the common viewing area it is more like a couple of meters. 

Sadly photography isn't allowed anywhere as it is virtually impossible to take photos without flash. And the flash light will scare the penguins and they go back into the ocean and that leaves their babies hungry. We wouldn't want that would we. 

Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Phillip Island Penguin

Phillip Island Smallest Penguin

The End

This was the end of an amazing trip with Autopia Tours. Neil had been a great guide, and I think he made a huge difference in keeping everyone entertained and happy. Overall the trip was absolutely great. Just like the pizza we had at the end.

Ending the trip with Pizza

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