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National Gallery of Victoria The Oldest Public Art Gallery In Australia

National Gallery of Victoria from Eureka Towers

National Gallery of Victoria is located near Federation Square and is without any doubt a must visit for Art Lovers. Its a short walk across the Yarra River, after the South bank foot bridge.

Fountains and Structures around National Gallery of Victoria

There are Fountains and art installations all around the building, quite apt for the surroundings of the oldest public art museum in Australia.

Fountain outside NGV

Spiral Fountain

Spiral Fountain outside National Gallery of Victoria



The Entrance is quite interesting . It made me feel like it was cage, but boy was it huge. Sometimes you don't mind walking into a huge cage. But NGV is a cage where you can see the works of the best free minds in Australia.

Cage like Entrance


Mexican Artists

As is the case with most things in Melbourne, NGV was having a temporary display out. This time it was Mexican artists. Some of them were quite amazing. What I loved the most about them was that women were portrayed in such a diverse range of avatars. And that's the beauty of women, they take so many avatars in one life that they truly are multifaceted.

Devilish Women Mexican Art

Woman with Flag Mexican Art

Balancing Woman Mexican Art

Woman in deep thought Mexican Art

Woman Waiting Mexican Art

Serene Woman Mexican Art

Wooden structure Mexican Art


Once inside its a completely new world. And I get to start with a decapitated head. Yay. It was actually seemed very real. There was a great variety in the kind of material and depictions in the Sculptures. The ability of artists to actually come up with ideas of this variety and to actually recreate in real life amazes me more than anything. I cannot even draw a straight line without a ruler. 

Surreal Human Head Sculpture

The Kiss Sculpture

The Longing of a Woman

The Wooden Car on a Cliff

The Ultimate Passion

Eve of Eden

The Waterfall

I have a noticed while travelling around Melbourne that most of the place harvest rain water. But NGV takes it to a new level and creates Fountains and this amazing Glass Waterfall. Its just amazing to simply stand and admire the simple beauty of flowing water.

The Waterfall National Gallery of Victoria

Dresses and Paraphernalia 

There are a variety of artifacts kept in NGV that were a part of everyday life in the past. It's quite saddening to realize that none of the things we use today can even come close to the grandeur or beauty of the olden times.

Victorian Dress




The Paintings in National Gallery of Victoria are great in both number and variety. The depictions range from grand to horror. Yet again my minuscule brain was astonished with the kind of Creativity that is stored in this building. If a picture is worth a thousand words , well these paintings are an epic.


Mermaids have always ignited our imaginations , they are a part of children stories as cute and bubbly Ariel . They also take a monstrous role in Pirates of the Caribbean. But there is no two thoughts about the beauty of a mermaids.

Playful Mermaids

Sensual Mermaids

The Devil is in the Details

An Interesting aspect of paintings is how detailed it can get. These paintings are huge and they were so detailed that I really wonder how much time and effort they must have taken. Capturing each and every minute detail in a painting is truly a marvelous job.

Man and His Dog

Man and His Dog Zoomed


Forrest Zoomed

A Gallery of Words

There were way too many amazing paintings to be captured and posted here of course , but here are some of the interesting ones.

Fluorescent Woman
The Harbour


The Waiting Woman


Woman and the Moon

The Garden

Colorful Garden



This painting is of Scheherazade from the Arabian Nights. She married Sultan Schahriah inspite of his vow to kill his wives the next day of marriage. She started her stories an hour before day break and the Sultan kept listening for 1001 nights and then decided to revoke his vow. She is called the liberator of her sex.

Absurd Painting

There was this one painting that I just couldn't help but notice. Quite frankly I don't get it. What's the big deal. Its just lines. But then I am not the best judge of art.

Absurd Painting

Tram bar

Outside National Gallery of Victoria is the iconic Tram Bar Restaurant. 

I am not a very artsy person but the paintings and sculptures here did make me realize how someone can enjoy art. Creativity is what differentiates us from machines and boy what a difference does it make.

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