Saturday, September 21, 2013

Melba Gully State Park - Connecting With Amazing Nature

Beautiful Rain forests

Being surrounded by nature is not something I get to experience often, thanks to the city life. However a simple walk down a series of unmatched vegetation, including the 300 years old fern trees was something that will always awe me.

The Big Tree 

As part of the Great Ocean Road Tour from Autopia Tours we went to Melba Gully, a rain forest. It was obviously very humid there. There were streams flowing everywhere and the forest was pretty dense but there were trails that we were following. Our first stop was the 300 years old Big Tree. It was the second tallest tree in the world. But sadly a couple of years back it fell. I guess time takes a toll on everyone. There were other Trees around though that are running the race to come second. 

Autopia Tours Gang

Big Tree Board

Big Tree


Dense Rainforests

Otway Black Snail

Our Guide Neil warned us that there are flesh Eating snails here. They just latch on to you and slowly and feed on your flesh. Sadly or luckily we didn't find any.

Flesh Eating Snail


We all are familiar with the beautiful ornamental plants - Ferns. They grow on moist places and pretty much have just leaves. Hardly can be called a plant. But here there were Fern Trees. These Ferns grow at 1 cm  per year. and many of them were more than 2 meters tall. So you can guess their age. Its amazing how the Plants and Animals of Australia have evolved. What I envy the most is that People in Melbourne can come to such places as weekend trips while I have to travel for 10 hours in a flight to reach here. What a life it would be to sit in those benches and watch the greenery all around. Smell the fresh air. Someday maybe.



Old Ferns

Picnic Bench

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