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Great Ocean Road - One Of The World's Great Scenic Roads

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is probably one of the most beautiful Roads in the world. The entire 243KM runs beside the Ocean and has a great view and great towns to stop at for those much needed breaks. It was indeed one of the best trips I have taken till date.

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean road is 243 kilometers long and runs along the coastline of Victoria. The Road itself has a rich history. It is the world's largest war memorial. It was built by soldiers who returned after the First World War. It is also in the list of Australian National Heritage. There is hardly any doubt that this is one of the most beautiful roads to drive on. The road runs almost entirely along the coastline and you can always see the ocean on one side. Add that to the beauty of the Australian sky and the green land and there is nothing that can beat this place.

Me in Great Ocean Road

Amazing Great Ocean Road

Beautiful Great Ocean Road


GOR View

Serene Road

Ocean Beside the Great Ocean Road


Beautiful Trees


Great Ocean Road Beautiful

Great Ocean Road  Workers

Beach Houses

The Guide told us that these are beach houses and there are plenty of them all around the coast. Now guess the prices of each one of those. Believe it or not these babies sell for $200,000.

Autopia tours

I had initially planned to hire a car and drive the Great Ocean Road myself, but then it seemed like a better idea to take one of the tours. I chose Autopia Tours and it was a pretty darn good decision.

The vehicle wasn't too big which was really a good thing as it does get difficult when there are too many people. Neil was our amazing guide , who also happened to be a great cook.

Autopia Tours Guide

Autopia Tours Bus

Sea beside the Great Ocean Road

Sheep and Lambs

Small Town


I was initially quite apprehensive about what kind of accommodation will be provided. But boy was I surprised. It was an amazing Place. Perfectly good for spending the night. And you are greeted with birds of all kinds in the morning. I pretty much spend at least an hour feeding the birds. 

There was also the tasty food cooked by Neil himself. We had a dinner banquet consisting of Lamb, Chicken, Beef and Kangaroo Barbecue. Also there was Salad and some veggies. It was indeed something I had not expected. By the way a word about Kangaroo Meat, it's OK nothing great about the meat as such. I guess that's why its not so popular in Australia.

We had stopped at a couple of places on the way and had to pack up food for the journey. And also some of the others had a chance to catch up with their shopping at Surf City. Sadly we couldn't catch any surfers in action as there wasn't much wind that day.

And Neil prepared delicious Pancakes and Bacon for breakfast. Over all an amazing Trip. 

Autopia Tours Breakfast Stop

Autopia Tours Breakfast

Autopia Tours Stay


Flowers at Stay

Flower in Autopia Tours Stay

Autopia Tours Stay Garden

Autopia Tours Accomodation

Autopia Tours Stay Balcony

Autopia Tours Stay Bunker Beds

Autopia Tours Beds

Autopia Tours Kitchen


The Meat


Kangaroo Meat


Autopia Tours Food



Autopia Tours Sumptous Breakfast

Surf City



Bird in Autopia Tours Stay

Early Morning Visitor


Feeding Birds outside

Koala in the Open

Kakatua everywhere

Kakatua on benches


Me and Kakatua

Me Feeding Kakatua

There were these houses on the Great Ocean road. One looks like a Piano and the other stands on a single pole. Quite distinctive but easy to miss.

Piano House

Unique House

Vehicles Shredded Beer Cans


Clear Sea Water

As Part of the Same Tour I visited the 12 Apostles, Loch and Gorge and Maru Animal Park.

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