Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flinders Street Station The Central Railway Station Of Melbourne

Flinders Street Station view from Eureka towers

This is the place where you can see a crowd of people on the streets. Unlike the usually empty streets of Melbourne. This is one of the Few places in Melbourne where the signal leads to a pedestrian scramble

If someone tells you in Melbourne "I'll meet you under the clocks" then it simply means under the clocks in the station displaying the time for the next trains bound for different places. "I'll meet you on the steps" means the fleet of stairs leading to the station. You can usually find a quite interesting and diverse crowd there. Its probably the best place to experience the diversity of Melbourne.

Flinders Street Station at Federation Square Melbourne

Flinders Street Station at Night

The Station is located right opposite Federation Square and has a line of shops for a quick bite. You can get everything ranging from fries to sushi. There are of course restaurants all around the Station and in Fed Square. 

Flinders Street Station Australia

Flinders Street Station Entrance

Flinders Street Station Food Stalls

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