Saturday, September 14, 2013

Federation Square The Meeting Place Of Melbourne

Man Feeding Birds in Federation Square Australia

Federation Square is the Meeting Place of Melbourne. This is the Centre of  the City and there are a lot of Places of Interest all around Federation Square. 

Some of them include 

Street Artists

There are a number of Street artists performing all around the City and in Federation Square . In Fact there were a lot of musicians and performers all over the CBD. Some of them are really entertaining and surprisingly there is a great variety.

Performer At Fed Square Melbourne

Performer At Fed Square

Big Screen

There is a huge screen that runs movies or live matches on weekends . Rest of the time it just shows whats happening in fed square.  So basically you can just walk up to Fed Square and watch yourself in a Huge screen. How awesome is that. Its obviously pretty popular with Children who think they are on TV.

Children Watching Themselves on Giant Screen In Federation Square

Giant Screen in Federation Square Melbourne

Me At Federation Square

Other Side of the World

Federation Square always has some or the other event going on. I was lucky enough to experience the footy parade and an experiment involving binoculars at various places in the world. So basically they placed binoculars at various location similar to Fed Square and the view from those can be seen if you look into the binocular placed in Fed Square. And the video of the eyes watching you are displayed on the Giant Screen. 

See Other Side World Federation Square

See Other Side Of World Fed Square

See Other Side World Fed Square Melbourne

See Other Side World Fed Square Victoria

The Meeting Place of Melbourne

Its always a good idea to check up on whats going at Federation Square before starting your day. Might just change your plans. During my stay at Melbourne I have pretty much everyday visited Federation Square. Its simply the place to be. Its the center of the city. And with so many attractions all around Federation Square it is quite usual for it to be the part of everyone's day. 

Federation Square Building

Melbourne's Meeting Place

People Crossing Roads at Fed Square

View Of Federation Square From Eureka Towers

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