Monday, September 16, 2013

Carlton Gardens - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Carlton Garden

There are indeed a large number of gardens in Melbourne and the big blue sky and the green land makes a very relaxing atmosphere almost at every turn in the city. Carlton Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in Melbourne.

Carlton Garden is actually pretty huge. It spans about 64 acres and houses the famous Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne Museum and IMAX Cinema. As the buildings are pretty much at the centre of the Garden. Visiting the them is the same as visiting the Garden. The Reason Carlton Garden has been given a world heritage status is because of its Botanical significance. It has some really unique and majestic botanical plants, and is a scientific treasure house. Its quite inspiring to find such huge tracts of land being safely preserved for gardens when in most places in India witnesses mindless urbanization.

Carlton Garden Road

Carlton Garden Tree

Carlton Gardens

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