Sunday, September 8, 2013

Butter Side Up

Amar's Birthday

It's customary to get cakes for a friend's birthday. However I have always looked for a bakeries that make custom cakes. Till now they have usually been way too expensive and with very little options.

However this year I discovered Butter Side Up. A unique place where you can order any custom cake. I was very happy with the first cake I ordered. It was for my friend Amar and knowing the crazy F1 fan he is , it was a great success.

Amar's Birthday Cake

And needless to say I ordered again and this time it was for my friend Sush and since she is a dentist, what better than a Tooth . And they even posted it on their facebook page.

Sush's Birthday Cake

It was indeed a great piece of work each time. And the cakes were delicious too.

I highly recommend Butter Side Up for anyone staying in Bangalore.

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