Monday, September 16, 2013

Footy With The AFL Grand Final Parade

Football in Federation Square for AFL Parade

Australia is a football crazy nation. I was just going around the city as usual on a Friday afternoon and I noticed that the roads all around federation square are filled with people and traffic has been diverted. I had never seen so many people in Melbourne till this day.

Federation Square Closed!!!

Turns out the AFL or the footy final that was to happen that weekend always precedes with a parade of the players and mascots etc. There was hardly any place to stand for me and I had to go pretty far to get a decent view of what's going on. This was pretty well planned though. I had seen notices all over the CBD , notifying that tram services will be affected by this. 

Crowd in Federation Square

Crowd for the AFL Grand Parade

Federation Square Closed for AFL Parade

Stalls and Stalls Everywhere

The entire of federation square had different stalls for things ranging from face painting to a kids section for playing football. I would have got my face painted if I had any idea about Australian football. Should have done my research on that first. I also wanted to buy a football for myself but I guess that can wait till I learn a bit about the game. 

Face Painting Stall in Federation Square

The large screen at Federation Square was showing the parade live too. It would have fun if I could come on that screen too... oh wait I have :)

Parade in the Fed Square TV

This is a structure that was quite mind blowing. I had seen this under construction a couple of days earlier and it made no sense at that time. I could just see a couple of Australian footballs hanging. Now it all made sense. Making a structure like this just for the parade was something hard to grasp for me. But then Australians do take their sports seriously.

Football Structure for the AFL Parade


The media coverage this has got was pretty impressive . There were helicopters covering this too. Of course there were the regular News Channels and their fancy News reporters going live.

Fox News Reporter

Helicopter covering the Parade

The Parade

The Parade Included mascots, bands and players . The crowd was a spectacle to watch. Since I didn't really know any of the players the mascots and bands were more interesting to me. But obviously the crowd was there for the players .

Horses in the Parade

Marching in the Parade

Beer kegs for parade

The AFL Cup

AFL Players

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