Saturday, September 14, 2013

Experiencing Moving Images of all Kinds at Australian Centre for Moving Images

Entrance of the Australian Centre of Moving Images

 ACMI is a world of Moving Images in all forms Movies, TV, Internet etc. There are a lot of interesting things to experience here. Melbourne really works hard to create new places for attracting tourists and this place is certainly a job well done. Considering that Australia is a country of immigrants and there aren't many historically significant places, these places more than make up for them. There is an abundance of Museums and Monuments all over Melbourne. 

Its located at Federation Square.

Predict the future

A huge display of notes people have written predicting future technologies and you can add in your predictions too. There are so many things that we take for granted that a couple of hundred years ago was unimaginable. So what better than predict the impossible. My predictions for the future would be - 

  • Fusion Reactors in every Flying car
  • Shop online and 3d print at home
  • Colonies in Mars and other planets

Predicting the Future

Play vintage Games

You can also play some old vintage games here. The games available were pretty old and there were kids and teenagers making the most use of the free games available here. I cannot even imagine something like this in India. There would be a queue of kids waiting till the streets outside. Lucky for Melbourne they don't have a huge population.

Play Games at ACMI

Oscar and the Pirates

There are a good number of artifacts related Movies and TV. Most of them were from Australian Movies and Television that aren't very popular elsewhere. But nevertheless it was impressive to see them. 

This was also the first time I had the chance to see an Academy Award or the Oscar in real life. 

Oscar at ACMI

The jewelry of Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean were on display too. This was probably the only artifact kept here that I could relate to. Arrrr matey

Captain Barbossa Jewellary

Pirates of the Caribbean

Light at the end of the tunnel

There is also a Room that is completely dark and filled with light smoke and a single beam of light and the patterns the smoke forms are pretty awesome. It was quite an experience being alone in an empty dark room with a ray of light. Kinda makes you feel God's voice will be the next thing you hear, just like in the movies. But alas it was a pleasure of a rather earthly nature. Just the particles in air moving and creating mesmerizing patterns. Its surprising how much we can achieve with so little. 

Dark Room in ACMI

Dark Room in Australian Centre For Moving Images

light rays in Australian Centre For Moving Images

smoke in Australian Centre For Moving Images

patterns formed in the dark by light

There is also a futuristic Touch free display. You interact with it by simply placing your hand over the control points. It felt a bit like touch screen without the satisfaction of actually touching anything. Great for personal hygiene though.

That is a huge TV

There is also a pretty huge wall TV and it spans across three walls of a room. The movie being played was probably specially developed for this because It actually had a panoramic view a couple of times. I am not sure how well suited this would be for a real movie. I will need 3 laptops to watch a movie at home . (cringes)

Beware: Migraine Ahead

ACMI also includes a Strobe Lights animation . This was a pretty amazing experience. The simple rotating structure magically became alive with a trick of light. Makes you wonder if seeing is believing.

Stop Motion Video

You can also create a Matrix style action video of yourself . Its a bit difficult though. But its fun to keep trying . After all its all free. 

ACMI being right in the centre of the city is a must visit for anyone vising Melbourne. And if you have kids then probably one of the first few places to visit.

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