Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Bengali Tempest

A Bengali Tempest

I watched a Bengali rendition of the Play tempest by Shakespeare at the Ranga Shankara in Bangalore.

The play was 110 mins long with an interval in between. It has been directed by Nasir Uddin Yusuff.

This play was performed at The Globe in London. The Globe in London is a reconstruction of the original Globe after it was destroyed in a fire. The original Globe was constructed by the play company that Shakespeare belonged to. And performing a play by Shakespeare at globe must be the pinnacle of success any theater artist can achieve.

Here is a video of the Dhaka Theater Production troupe after their performance at the Globe.

Quite remarkably, they have got quite a number of good reviews for this performance.

You can always read the play Tempest by Shakespeare .

I have read The Tempest in school but thanks to my deplorable memory , I could enjoy the play as if it was the first time. The play would even otherwise be quite enjoyable since it has a quite distinct Bengali touch and is a very musical and colorful performance.

The actors consistently add a refreshing touch to the characters they are portraying. While Ariel was played by a woman whose long hairs were quite befitting to the Bengali idea of a spirit. The energy and emotion that was invested in the portrayal of a spirit was quite impressive.

The best part of this play is enjoyed only if you know Bengali. The dialogues and 'bengalification' of the play gets quite hilarious at times. Especially the mushy romance of Miranda and Ferdinand.

Please do try and catch this play and here's a glimpse of the people who will entertain you.

A Bengali Tempest ArtistsA Bengali Tempest Artists

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